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Why should I choose a Braemar air conditioner?

Braemar has been providing high-performance cooling and heating products in Australian homes for more than 50 years. Many trust Braemar for the guaranteed comfort it provides for different climate conditions. The company’s deep Australian ties have guaranteed that they produce air conditioning products that provide superior comfort and relief from the harsh Australian temperatures, and the brand has made a name for itself when it comes to quality and innovation.

Benefits of Using Braemar Air Conditioning Systems

Seeley International

Braemar’s superior range of air conditioning systems is proudly produced by Seeley International group, Australia’s largest and most recognised air conditioner manufacturer that is known for its continuous innovation. Braemar ranks high as one of the most celebrated Seeley International brands among its roster of world-leading products.

Affordable Price Range

Braemar air conditioning systems are competitively priced. They are a great option for those looking for exceptional quality A/C’s but are on a tight budget.


Braemar offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning products that will suit everyone’s needs. There are cooling systems like evaporative and reverse cycle air conditioning, heating systems like wall furnaces, ducted gas systems and space heaters, as well as different ranges of split systems and ducted systems.

Cost Effective

Braemar’s superior products are compliant with MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards), which specifies the minimum level of energy performance that appliances, lighting and electrical equipment products must meet or exceed before they can be offered commercially.

Inverter Technology

Braemar’s split systems range utilise DC inverter technology, which allows the system to automatically regulate the power applied to the compressor to provide more precise climate control. Inverter technology also enables the A/C to operate at low noise levels and eliminate temperature fluctuations while keeping energy consumption low.

Modern Design

Braemar air conditioners feature a sleek and modern design that complements the indoor surroundings of any home or office.

Next-Generation Refrigerant

Products also run on R32 refrigerant, the next-generation refrigerant that has a global warming potential factor of 65% lower and more energy efficient than the commonly used R410A refrigerant.

Advanced Features

Braemar air conditioners all boast of advanced, market-leading features. The 3D Airflow capacity allows total comfort throughout the home or office, and the Quiet Operations allow the A/C to operate at low noise levels even at full capacity. Braemar systems also have the I Feel mode, which is an intelligent system that ensures room temperature is controlled exactly where it is required. Some units are also built with the Wi-Fi control system, which allows users to control their A/C’s wherever they are through an online app. Most Braemar split system indoor units are also adaptable to multi system air conditioning.


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