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Many homeowners purchase air conditioners that are too large thinking that they could provide better cooling or heating throughout the home. But an oversized air conditioner may be less effective and at the same time, less energy efficient.

Air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air. While an air conditioner that is too large for the home can cool the room quickly, it will only remove some of the humidity. This could leave the room feeling damp and clammy. A properly sized air conditioner can effectively get rid of humidity while cooling your home.

At the same time, selecting a unit that is too small for your home may be underpowered and may never achieve the temperature you want.

BTU Rating

Room air conditioners have BTU (British thermal unit) ratings, which typically starts from around 5,000 BTUs up to 36,000 BTUs, which is the most powerful measure. Once users are able to calculate the square footage of a room or space you want to cool, they can decide on which size of air conditioner to go for.

Below is an approximate BTU sizing guide to help you determine the right size of air conditioner to purchase and install.


Factors to Consider

There are also a few other factors to consider in choosing the best size of air-con for your home or office.

  1. Ceiling height – If you have ceilings that measure higher than the typical 8-feet estimate, you may need to increase the BTU level
  2. Number of occupants – Additional BTU level may be added if there will be over two people.
  3. Amount of sunlight – If too much sunlight enters the room or space during the day, you may need to increase BTU level by 10%.
  4. Level of insulation – In some cases, an insulated room can cool quickly using a smaller, less-powered air conditioner than an uninsulated room.
  5. Position of windows – Windows are a source of heat. If the windows are facing west, this may require an air conditioner with a bigger capacity. Another thing to consider is the size of windows and doors. Blinds and curtains may provide additional insulation, as well as outdoor elements like trees and awnings.
  6. Climate – Australia is known for having a variety of climates, so users should choose one that also suits your climate.

If still unsure about what size of air conditioner to purchase, you’re welcome to contact us and we will talk you through some of the best options.

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