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The summer months are coming!

It’s time to stock up on some supplies for your summer installs and repairs. Air2You has introduced just in time for the summer rush air conditioning supplies!

Don’t be caught short on a job this summer. Check out our range and start stocking up for the coming months. We offer high quality but affordable AC accessories to meet your needs.

New to our price book:


Drain Gun

A drain gun is a lightweight and portable tool designed to instantly remove blockages in condensate drain lines and other pipeworks. Drain guns are typically equipped with a tapered fitting to work on drain openings and the hose assembly can maneuver through cabinets, coils and hard to reach drains.

Drain Gun Cartridges

Air2You’s cartridges are compact, environmentally safe and recyclable. Simply insert a cartridge into the drain gun, press the trigger and it’s ready to use. You can shop for drain gun cartridges via Air2You’s accessory catalogue.

Duct Accessories – Wall Caps

Wall caps are used to “cap off” the end of a length of the duct where the cables come out the wall or there are bends available so that duct can be run in the direction required.

Wall Bracket

Wall brackets are used for mounting split system air conditioner outdoor units on the exterior wall of any property. Air2You’s wall brackets are designed to suit a wide range of models and allow for quick installation.


Our air conditioning slabs provide a safer and more lightweight alternative to heavy concrete slabs.


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