solar panels for air conditioner

Air conditioners are among the biggest consumers of energy in households or commercial buildings alike. Cooling from conventional air conditioning units releases about 140 million tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is known to contribute to climate change.


Because of the growing demand for energy and the environmental impacts, solar-powered air conditioners are becoming popular these days. Solar air conditioning systems provide environmental benefits, such as reduced electricity costs, fewer power outages, lower grid demand and reduced CO2 emissions.


Types of Solar Air Conditioners

There are two basic types of solar-powered air conditioners: hybrid and chiller. A hybrid system combines solar photovoltaic technology with direct current (DC). The system automatically switches between solar panels and grid depending on the amount of sunshine. On hybrid more, the AC charges the solar batteries when the sun is shining. If there’s no sunlight, the system will run via the backup battery while charging its batteries via alternating current (AC) power.


Absorption chillers or evaporative coolers heat and cool water through evaporation and condensation. Solar energy powers the system’s fan and motors, while the chillers release cool air by blowing over water-saturated material. They can also be plugged in or run off batteries. This type of air conditioner doesn’t use a compressor, which consumes huge amounts of energy. They are cheaper to operate and are popular in some Asian countries where the high costs of electricity are a major concern.


Inverter Technology

There are a variety of hybrid solar ACs that are also powered with inverter technology. Inverter ACs are generally more powerful and consumes less energy than non-inverters. The hybrid technology converts the suns energy into DC power and is fed directly to the DC side of the inverter. Inverter technology provides added benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, lower noise levels and better temperature control.


Solar panels are to be bought separately, which will be wired directly into the outdoor unit by an installer. Hybrid solar ACs are also relatively easy to install without making any significant changes to your home’s electric system. Most systems require only one solar module to get started and users can simply add solar panels over time.


If you are thinking of tapping solar energy to significantly cut your energy costs and enjoy the environmental benefits of clean energy, you can browse our product range for different options on solar-powered air conditioners.

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