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Programmable thermostats are increasingly becoming popular in most homes across the country. Most modern air conditioning systems now come with programmable thermostats that offer advanced capabilities from enabling remote operations, keeping track of daily schedules and notifying owners when the system needs attention.

In this blog, we’ll run through some of the benefits of having a programmable thermostat installed in the home or office.

Big savings

The biggest perk of having a programmable thermostat is cost savings. Air conditioning systems are typically left on high when users are away from home in order for the system to achieve the desired temperature quickly, which results in high energy costs. But a programmable thermostat allows unit owners to keep the same temperature within the property even when it’s not occupied, which is can already save owners up to two percent in power bills.

Remote operations

Some models are equipped with advanced functionalities that allow users to access their AC even when they are away from home. Users will simply tap on a customised app or web portal anywhere there’s Internet access.

Consistent temperature

Programmable thermostats help users maintain a consistent temperature throughout the space. Instead of turning up the air conditioner during extremely hot summers or cranking the unit low in cold weather, a programmable thermostat runs at a steady temperature level as it follows your daily temperature schedule.

Easy temperature adjustments

Adjusting the thermostat day and night requires additional work on the part of the owner. With a manual thermostat, users have to go through the required steps in setting the temperature during different times of the day. A programmable thermostat automates this task for home and business owners, and at the same time helps cut down energy consumption. Users can easily schedule their temperature settings one time during the summer or winter, and not worry about it throughout the season.

Flexible scheduling

Most programmable thermostats feature an advanced temperature scheduling system. Users can choose from 7-day scheduling for households with occupants who have different schedules daily, as well as a work week and weekend scheduling.

System alerts

Some models have built-in sensors that alert users when it’s time for a filter change or a maintenance and servicing. This allows unit owners to action minor issues in their system before they escalate into major problems. This feature also ensures that users don’t miss out on maintenance and servicing.


When a home or office has a zoning system, the property is divided into areas that have similar air conditioning requirements. With programmable thermostats in each zone in the home or office, users can easily customise temperature settings for each room according to occupancy patterns. This allows owners to have full control over each zone and cut power bills even more.

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