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LG is a world-renowned and trusted electronics brand with a reputation for innovation and creating high-quality products. When it comes to air conditioning technology, LG is a great contender. As a world-class air conditioning brand, LG is designed to adopt to different climates anywhere around the world, providing comfort and convenience to users.

One of the most popular among its product range is the LG Split Systems Premium Series Inverter Reverse Cycle. This model provides cooling and heating comfort while efficiently limiting energy consumption. Here are some of the features and capabilities that make the LG Split Systems Premium Series Inverter Reverse Cycle an excellent choice of AC.

Unique features

Wi-Fi Smart Control

Users can easily access and control their units with their smartphones using the LG Smart AC App. This feature helps in keeping running costs down by providing users with energy usage information in real-time, as well as alerting users when electricity consumptions are about to reach pre-set limits.


Active Energy Control

This advanced feature allows users to set a limit on energy consumption to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption at a reduced output. Users will only need to press the Energy Control button on the remote to limit the maximum speed of the compressor.


Plasmaster Ioniser Plus

The Plasmaster Ioniser generates over 3 million plasma ions, which filtrate the air inside the air conditioning unit and the indoor air as well. This advanced filter system provides a strong defence against indoor air pollutants.


Plasmaster Auto Cleaning

The Plasmaster Auto Cleaning function helps reduce the buildup of mould and bacteria in the unit’s heat exchanger. The auto cleaning feature dries the wet indoor coil to prevent mould and bacteria from breeding, helping eliminate odour without the need for frequent cleaning.


Micro Dust Filter powered by 3M

The 3M Micro Dust Filter is a new technology that makes use of electrostatic charges to capture microscopic particles, such as pollen, dust, fungi and other microparticles that increase the risk of asthma and allergic reactions.


Optimised 4-Way Air Flow

This feature helps disperses air quickly and effectively in multiple directions (horizontal and vertical air flow). The four-way swing allows users to control air direction according to the room’s needs.


Highly Efficient

The LG Split System Inverter Reverse Cycle is a winner in energy efficiency. When operating in power saving mode, the system consumes less power in both cooling and heating mode. LG’s inverter technology can significantly help users save over 60% on electricity charges while delivering silent and powerful performance.


High Air Flow Rate

LG’s advanced air flow feature and capacity provides the best air flow rate to users, allowing them to feel the air even up to 30 feet away from the AC.

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