braemar split air conditioning in living room

Braemar offers a wide range of split system air conditioning products that can suit different cooling requirements in homes and offices. For split systems, Braemar has the Ultimate and Universal series, all built with sleek and modern designs that will complement contemporary furnishings.

Braemar’s Ultimate range includes eight models ranging from 2.5kW to 9.0kW in cooling capacity. This range is relatively more economical, consuming over 30% less energy. The indoor unit is also designed to suit multi split air conditioning systems, allowing users to have a consistent appearance throughout the property when a multi split is combined with a single split system.


Unique Features

  1. R32 Refrigerant

Braemar’s Ultimate range uses a next-generation refrigerant called R32, which is generally more energy efficient than R410A and with a global warming potential factor three times lower than traditional refrigerants.

  1. 3D Airflow

The Braemar Ultimate split system range provides 30% more airflow to maximize heating and cooling throughout any space.

  1. ‘I Feel’ Mode

These settings allow users to control room temperature exactly where it is required.

  1. Gold Fin

The outdoor unit’s Gold Fin coating takes longer to rust and corrode under extreme humidity, offering better performance and longer lifespan.


DC Inverter Technology

An inverter regulates the current, voltage and frequency of air conditioning systems. It controls the compressor and the output of the whole system. For this reason, AC’s with inverter technology allows more temperature control than conventional types of systems.

Braemar’s air conditioning systems utilize DC inverter technology. This allows the system to automatically regulate the power going to the compressor so users can have better climate control and get rid of temperature fluctuations while keeping running costs to a minimum.


Market-leading Ratings

The Braemar Ultimate range boasts of best star ratings. Braemar’s split systems are generally energy efficient and a favourite among households in Australia. This system can help you spend less money on electricity and presents bigger savings in the long term. Also, Braemar split systems are known for their quiet operation and easy installation.


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