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The subject of warranties has always been confusing to both contractors and consumers. Most buyers and homeowners assume that a warranty on their air conditioner means that if something wrong happens to the unit, the contractor, supplier or a representative from the manufacturer will come to their homes to repair or replace it.

However, this may not be entirely the case.

When you purchase an air conditioner online, it is possible that the warranty of the product doesn’t provide the coverage you expected. So it is important to examine your AC’s warranty to determine the coverage.

Understanding your Warranty Coverage

Even though your air conditioning system can last for about 10 to 15 years, there is still the possibility your AC will malfunction several times over the course of its working life. Here are some of the things you need to understand about manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Most manufacturers will have a 5-year warranty that includes parts and labour. Some are even now offering up to 10 years. For the parts warranty, there may be limited parts covered by the warranty. Generally, warranties on central AC units cover only parts that are listed by name in the warranty terms provided to you when you purchase the product. Some of these parts include compressor, evaporator coil, fan motor, and blower motor among others. If the specific part you need to be replaced is not listed in the terms, then you may have to shoulder the costs of replacement or repair.
  2. There are also manufacturers that offer parts warranty only and don’t provide coverage for labour. In this case, the manufacturer will provide the part you need upon completing some forms but will not reimburse the labour costs. When your system breaks down and you need to have it repaired, you may incur overhead expenses associated with installation or repair, like tools, truck payment, technical skill, electric bills, etc.
  3. It is also important to take note that most manufacturers provide warranty coverage on domestic air conditioning systems only. Some manufacturers offer warranty for both residential and commercial systems, but typically excluding heavy and applied products.

What can void your AC’s warranty? 

  • Failing to register – Most manufacturers require that buyers register the warranty before it takes effect. You can register on the manufacturer’s website and fill out a form. Or if you have time, you can drop by their store and complete the documents.
  • Improper installation – If the manufacturer finds that your AC unit was not installed by a professional technician, your warranty may be void. So make sure that you only hire certified and trained contractors.
  • Getting replacement parts from other manufacturers – When you need to have your system repaired, make sure you’re getting parts manufactured by the same company. Your manufacturer cannot guarantee another company’s products.
  • Neglecting maintenance – Most manufacturer warranties state that units should be tuned up and maintained at least once a year to keep the warranty valid.
  • Lost records – During coverage claim, manufacturers typically require proof of installation and maintenance from trusted contractors. So make sure to keep receipts.

All our air conditioning products are manufactured by reputable and trusted manufacturers, so you’re sure your system is covered under warranty. You are welcome to browse our product range online.

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