As high-tech gadgets continue to improve our way of living, air conditioners are also changing the way our spaces are cooled and heated. Today’s innovations in air conditioning are designed to boost our homes and offices’ comfort levels; they are getting easier to operate, becoming more space efficient, improving energy efficiency and relatively cheaper.

Here are some revolutionary AC technologies worth noting:

Smart Thermostats

Smart or Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow users to control cooling capabilities anywhere they are, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Using a smartphone app, users can set a schedule for when a room needs to be cooled, helping reduce energy consumption. This enables the system to automatically adjust to your way of living and provide you the comfort you need.

More advanced systems also include energy analysis capabilities that informs the owners when the system needs to be serviced.


High Efficiency

Modern air conditioning systems are more energy efficient than older models. ACs are now equipped with variable speed settings, allowing users to control temperatures in different rooms (zones) and keep them more precise. The right size AC can now cool any space faster without consuming too much energy. The higher the Energy Star ratings, the more efficiently it will run.


Ductless Systems

Air ducts, which have long been part of older heating and cooling systems, will become a thing of the past. New AC systems wouldn’t need those tubes that pass through walls, which only collect dirt and debris. In ductless systems, an outdoor unit collects heat through coils filled with a chemical refrigerant, then distributes the heat inside the home and through the system with the use of a fan. The system can also be reversed to cool the home.


Intelligent Systems

Modern air conditioning systems are built with intelligent sensors that are capable of detecting human presence inside a room, and then automatically adjust cooling power to save energy efficiently. They can also detect changes in human activity levels and automatically sets an airflow convenient to everyone in the room.


UV Lights

Today’s air conditioning systems are built with UV lights purification that helps keep indoor air cleaner and healthier. UV light systems can be installed within the ductwork, working to kill organic growths, like mould, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from the air that passes through. UV lights are great for humid climates.

Recent innovations in air conditioners mean that indoor environments will continue to become more comfortable, more efficient and healthier as time goes by. Check out our website and explore a whole range of advanced and innovative air conditioning systems. 


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