The air conditioning business is a whole new universe in itself. If you’re a tradie getting your air conditioning trade business sorted or a shopper looking for a new AC for your home, you may have come across certain terms and acronyms that are difficult to understand.


Understanding some basic industry and trade terms will help you provide the best options for your trade customers or make the right decisions when it comes to buying an air conditioning system.


Airflow volume – The amount of air circulated within a space. Measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm)


Air Handling Unit – The indoor part of an air conditioner that moves cooled or heated air throughout the ductwork of your property.


BTU – British Thermal Unit. The number of BTUs an air conditioning system provides measures how big of a space a unit can cool.


Central Air Conditioning – A system where air is cooled at a central location and then distributed to other rooms using one or more fans and ductwork.


Coil – (An indoor coil) Circulates the conditioned refrigerant to cool and heat. When warm indoor air passes the evaporator coil, the warm temperature and humidity are removed, leaving the air cooled.


Compressor – Raises the pressure in the refrigerant and circulates it through a closed loop system.


Condenser coil – (An outdoor coil) Removes the heat from the refrigerant, condensing the refrigerant gas and converts it into high pressure liquid.


Dehumidifier – Removes humidity or moisture from the air.


Ductwork – A network of ducts flowing throughout a space, delivering air from an air conditioning system to different zones in a home or office.


Evaporator Coil – Absorbs heat from indoor air.


Fan – Creates air flow in an air conditioning system. Consists of a motor and a blower wheel.


Filter – Keeps contaminants from entering the air conditioning system. Filters must be maintained or replaced regularly.


Furnace – Device that creates heat and circulates it through a space with the use of a fan.


Heat exchanger – Where heat is transferred to a cold or warm area


Humidifier – Distributes humidity or moisture to the air.


Programmable thermostat – A thermostat that allows users program a pre-set schedule of times of the day and temperatures for the air conditioning equipment


Refrigerant – A fluid used in air conditioners used to transfer heat into or out of a space.


Split system – A type of air conditioning system that consists of an outdoor unit (condensing unit) and the indoor unit.


Thermostat  – A device that regulates and monitors temperature of an air conditioning system.


Zoning – The system that divides a home or office into different regions (zones) for better temperature control

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