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We’re still a few months away from summer but it already pays to prepare for when the weather heats up. According to Energy Star, a typical household spends about 13 percent of its yearly electricity bill on air conditioning costs. So it’s important to get the right kind of A/C that will give you the best value for the budget that you have.

But before you purchase a unit, think about the kind of comfort you want to achieve. To keep within your budget, you might end up purchasing a smaller A/C unit, which won’t be enough to cool your room. To help you purchase the right conditioner without breaking the bank, here’s a list of the most affordable, high-quality air conditioning systems that will provide you the best value.


Braemar has been providing high-performance cooling and heating products in Australian homes for more than 50 years. Many trust Braemar for the guaranteed comfort it provides for different climate conditions. The brand’s superior range of air conditioning is proudly produced by Seeley International group, Australia’s largest and most recognised air conditioner manufacturer that is known for its continuous innovation.

Braemar’s Ultimate Series now also offers air conditioners that are WiFi ready. No additional parts or accessories are required to get your system Wi Fi ready. Users simply need to download the app and they can easily manage their A/C’s using their smartphones.

Braemar air conditioning systems are also competitively priced. They are a great option for those looking for exceptional quality A/C’s but are on a tight budget.


Daikin is one of Australia’s most trusted electronics brands well known for its top quality air conditioning products. Daikin A/C’s are a favourite among Australian homes, businesses and community projects, and has been dealing with Australia’s harsh climate for decades.

Daikin air conditioning systems may come with a higher price tag but their reputation precedes them with the quality and innovation that is provided when you purchase one of their products. Its split system range are highly popular among Australian homes because of its whisper-quiet operations, industry-leading energy efficiency and superior comfort levels.


Rinnai is a new generation of air conditioning systems that offer a level of in-home climate control that fits today’s increasingly wireless lifestyle. This brand provides huge cost savings plus advanced features like WiFi control, inverter technology, DRED function and 3D airflow.


Gree is popular for its Solar Hybrid air conditioners, which allow users to enjoy maximum energy savings by harnessing free and natural solar power during A/C operations. Solar Hybrid models feature Power Saving Technology, which can use solar DC generated power of mains AC generated power or both. This makes sure that the system will provide uninterrupted comfort regardless of weather conditions. The system allows users to save up to 97% of mains power consumption. Gree also offers non-hybrid systems in the affordable range.

Gree’s Solar Hybrid A/C’s come in only one size (3.5 kW) and offer a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour.

If your shopping for affordable air conditioners, don’t forget to check out Air2You’s wide selection of low-priced but quality air conditioning systems.

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