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As the summer months draw near, home and business owners alike are scouring the shops for new and efficient air conditioning systems to beat the heat. There are different options to choose from, and one of them is a ducted air conditioner.

Ducted air conditioning systems are among the most common type of cooling and heating used in Australian homes and offices. Many users love ducted systems because they provide cool and/or warmth in any space. They are also generally clean and quiet to operate.

While upfront costs of ducted systems are generally higher than those for window type or split system air conditioners, you can still find units to meet your budget and needs.



When it comes to cost efficiency, Braemer is a recognised brand. Australian households trust Braemar for the guaranteed comfort it provides for different climate conditions and they have been in the industry for over 50 years. Braemar air conditioning systems are competitively priced and are a great option for those looking for exceptional quality air conditioners but are a little tight on the budget.

A great option is Braemar’s Inverter Ducted Single Phase, which is an ideal cooling and heating solution for the home or office. The indoor unit is typically installed within the roof space of a property and is connected to a series of vents throughout the home or office via ductwork. This allows the unit to dispense and circulate cool or warm air to all rooms. Users can also set the system to operate in different zones, allowing them to save more money on energy costs.

Some of Braemar’s ducted ACs are built with Inverter Technology, which allows the system to reach the desired temperature quickly and to keep within the desired range for more efficiency.


Daikin is known for its top quality air conditioning products and is considered one of Australia’s most trusted air conditioning brands and a favourite in Australian households, businesses and community projects. Daikin’s ducted system range is also highly popular because of its industry-leading energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operations and superior comfort levels.

Daikin’s ducted range is great for providing discreet air conditioning comfort throughout the home or office. The system can either be installed in a new area or customised to suit an existing home.


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