modern living room with ducted air conditioning

Many households and commercial buildings prefer ducted air conditioners to other types of systems because they are cleaner, quieter, more aesthetically pleasing and less obtrusive while allowing air to effectively circulate to all areas of the room.

Another good thing about a ducted system is that it allows users to have full control of temperatures in different rooms, as well as ensures that dust, dirt and other pathogens are removed from the air.

Apart from the basic features, different brands of ducted systems also offer additional benefits to users. If you want to ensure that your customers get the quality and efficiency that they’re aiming for, then you should only offer the best brands of ducted air conditioning in your business. We’ve rounded up some of the top ducted air conditioning brands and their unique benefits.

Braemar Ducted Air Conditioning

Braemar is proudly Australian-made and is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling systems designed for both residential and commercial properties. It also offers a comprehensive range of home climate systems, which include reverse cycle air conditioning, wall furnaces, and ducted gas heating systems. Braemar ACs are proven to be cost-effective and are MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) compliant with the DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device) feature.


Daikin’s air conditioning systems have the Asthma Council acceptance. Daikin ducted systems can also be retrofitted to an existing R22 system by easily replacing the indoor and outdoor units while retaining the field piping intact, allowing for a more convenient and cost-effective upgrade. Daikin was also among the first manufacturers to introduce compressor inverter technology. It also offers a wide capacity limit, allowing air conditioning systems to run efficiently even during extremely hot summers and cold winters.


LG offers a comprehensive range of ducted air conditioning solutions that suit different types of homes and commercial spaces. LG air conditioners also boast of advanced technology, featuring an anti-corrosive surface coating on the heat exchanger of outdoor units to protect the system from pollution and extend its lifespan, as well as a Smart Application feature, which allows users to easily access and control their AC units from their smartphones.


Mitsubishi Electric is backed by a long history of solid customer satisfaction and strong support and service network. Mitsubishi air conditioners are known for their superior performance, user-friendliness and energy efficiency, with its Inverter Technology proven to be one of the best in the industry. This brand may be typically priced at a premium but it’s a proven performer when it comes to ducted systems for different types of homes and commercial spaces.


Toshiba has become a leader when it comes to energy efficiency, featuring twin rotary compressors that allow the system to maintain high-power operations while reducing energy consumption at the same time. Toshiba air conditioners also run at the lowest noise levels and offer comprehensive climate control features, allowing users to manage different heating and cooling settings.

We offer a variety of high-quality brands that will suit your clients’ different requirements. All our brands boast of unique features and functionality designed to provide the ultimate comfort for any space, and you can get them at wholesale prices. You’re welcome to browse our online shop or contact us if you need more information.

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