Beat the HEAT This Summer

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Before the temperature hits the 30’s, it’s time to assess your cooling needs for the coming summer months. A split system air conditioner is one of your best options as it provides you with uninterrupted cooling comfort without the high maintenance costs.

Whether you are replacing an old air conditioner or purchasing a new unit, you are likely to find systems that provide energy efficiency with optimal cooling in the market today. Check out Air2You and the quality brands available to meet your budget.

1. Braemar

If you’re working with a smaller budget but need an air conditioner that promises superb cooling performance, then Braemar is a great fit for you. Braemar’s range of split systems is proudly produced by Seeley International Group, one of Australia’s largest air conditioner manufacturer. Braemar air conditioners also offer five years warranty for parts and labour. Check out their star ratings on the Ultimate range today.

2. Daikin

Another top player in the market is Daikin. Daikin split system air conditioners are known for cutting-edge technology and superior energy efficiency and comfort. Its new Cora split system range is an excellent option when it comes to its sleek and modern design, whisper-quiet operations, infrared motion-detection sensors, and R32 refrigerant, which enables increased energy efficiency with reduced global warming potential factor.

3. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi’s GL split systems run on R32 refrigerant, the next-generation refrigerant that enables increased energy efficiency and has only one-third of the global warming potential of traditional refrigerants. This range also offers 5-year warranty on parts and labour.

4. Samsung

Samsung’s Boracay split system range blends a sleek and smart design with advanced cooling technology that also enables users to save on energy costs. Incorporating a Quiet and Good Sleep modes along with being D.R.E.D enabled it is a system that offers the latest in technology at your fingertips.

Air2You offers a wide range of selections when it comes to quality and high-performance cooling—all for wholesale prices. Visit our shop and take a look at our brands.

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